BoxyCharm – April 2016



April was a fairly decent month. I am always happy if I feel like I received my money’s worth or found something great. This month the little bit of greatness for me was the Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena. I also really loved the Your Minerals Sweden pigment in ___. It’s such a pretty color. I wore it the other day in the outer v of my eye look and it lasted all day with minimal fuss to apply and blend.

I also received the Blinc Black Lash Primer. I am still forming an opinion on this. I loved the Blinc mascara. But this primer is wet and I have a hard time with wetter formulas of mascara, let alone a primer and my lashes sticking together. It really does add dramatic volume though!

My two disappointments this month were the Anderson Lilley hand cream and Pur-lisse lip treatment. The scent of the hand cream was just too strong and gave me a headache, although the formula was thick but absorbed quickly and was really nice. The Pur-lisse lip treatment is just terrible. It smells bad and is super oily and just not good.

With the Anderson Lilley hand cream it was purely because of the scent. The formula was really thick, but absorbed quickly and felt wonderful. The packaging also seemed really large for only 2 oz. in it. There was a lot of air towards the top. It was kind of deceiving.

Next month, I will include more detailed information and reviews/swatches of the products!

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